Saturday, August 13, 2011

Teething Baby

It looks like we have a teething baby! She started acting weird a few days ago. I took her to paint ceramics on Wednesday, and the lady there said something about her trying to get teeth in because of the way she was acting and drooling. It had never crossed my mind. But then of course, I started thinking about all the changes and there was many signs of teething.

She actually does a chewing motion now, even while I feed her at times. Thank goodness there is only gums in her mouth at the moment. I am trying to acknowledge when she does it, so she will learn not to do those motions when she does have teeth, but it's hard!

Her drooling has gotten insane. Not only drooling, but spitting up. She has started spitting up a little more. She was never a spit up baby before so I noticed this change immediately. I think it has to do with her putting her hands in her mouth. She does occasionally gag herself, but she finds it funny.

She also has been very warm. Never a high temperature or anything, but I can definitely tell her body is warmer than normal.

And at night, she has become needy. She was never a needy baby. Always just so independent and happy. Now, she always wants Mommy at night time, which I am completely ok with since I always miss her while she sleeps.

It has been a nice little adventure so far. It has not been bad by any means, but definitely different.

Yay for teething babies!

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