Monday, August 8, 2011

I am doing it!

I have decided to take the plunge and continue to make things. I made majority of Baby A's hairbows and then as she outgrew her current bow holders, I decided to make her another one. While doing all this, I have had a few friends ask me to make them things. On top of all that, I wanted to make Baby A a tutu for some pictures coming up. Well, of course, that lead in some interest, too.

A few of my other friends suggested I sell them. That was an "I don't think so" until just recently. I was making them for fun and for myself and friends. Then I just go hooked. I could  not stop making stuff. I just kept purchasing supplies and creating new pieces. However, we do not have the room for me to have all of this stuff. Baby A definitely does not need 500 hair bows, 20 hair bow holders, 2000 tutus, etc etc... I'm sure you get the point.

I have started a Facebook page. It's called Southern Belles & Puppy Dog Tails. There are no pictures up yet, and I am still waiting for some stuff to come in. But I took the plunge anyway. Heck why not, right. All for fun, not necessarily profit.

The Facebook page is mostly to watch my progress because I have also decided to take sewing lessons. I have been crocheting for a while, but I would also like to learn how to knit. I will post my progress on my page. And of course pictures of all the exciting things I create!

Mr. Man is being supportive, too. I do not think he thought I was serious at first about learning to sew and such, but once I started, he became more supportive. He knows I'm doing it just to give me something to make and for fun. I think he secretly likes it! :)

Anyways, if you want to follow my progress, you are welcome to. At some point I will need to find some babies to make things for, and I'll do some giveaways too. Maybe auction off things as I lose storage space and need to get rid of stuff. You can find me here!

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  1. you might want to sign up with etsy and sell your stuff there too.


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