Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blogging Has Been Difficult

Lately, blogging has been difficult for me. Not because I'm busy, not because my husband's away, not because I have a baby that still eats every 2 hours (except at night), not because I am doubled up on school.... just because I it seems every time I think about blogging, I am worked up over something. It is totally out of character for me to be such a negative, "venting" person, so I rarely do it. When I do get upset, I am over it within 10 minutes of thinking about it.

Although lately it seems that things are getting on my very last nerve. Most likely because I feel abused, I feel like my husband is being used and abused. I try to keep that nonsense away from blogging and other aspects of my life. It stays at the home and never passes to my daughter or anywhere else where it could affect someone else. With that said, blogging has been hard to do because I always end up tracing my steps back to something I am/was worked up over. So I apologize.

I know most of you will say that it happens to the best of us, and it is completely normal to have those moments. And this is very true. No single person is perfect, and I am well aware of that. It's great to have the support and encouragement from complete strangers whenever things get tough. So for that, I am thankful. So, thank you!

Also, I know that there are family and personal friends that read this. And some aren't so supportive, sadly. I will just leave it at that.

This post is being written, obviously because I have not been blogging like my normal self. I am always trying to dig to find something to blog about, and doing that just makes it a chore. That's not how I want my blog to become.

This was also written because it came to my realization, which in turn made me realize something much bigger. Something much more important. Something to be much for thankful for!

So be sure to stay tuned to the next blog where I will explain my current thoughts that have come from this.


  1. I've had to stop myself from blogging so many negatives. It's not always easy, but I get where you are coming from when you say that's not the direction you want to go every time you sit down to write.

  2. There are several times when I've stopped myself from just having a major vent fest on my blog. Every once in awhile I don't mind people doing it... but when it is every other posts I think there must be a real problem. I hope you continue to get the love and support you need during this time.

  3. That's when you sit down and do one really big long nasty post and get it all out and then move on with your normal happy posts after that :) I always feel better after I just get it out and it makes it so much easier to move on!

  4. I know exactly what you mean! I hope things get easier for you.


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