Thursday, November 20, 2014

Toy Review: Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Trike

I thought with Christmas coming up, I would do some toy reviews that the girls got last year.

The first one I'm going to do is the Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Trike in the color pink. We purchased ours online from, but they are available at Walmart, Toys R Us, and Target as well.

The trike is a 4 in 1, which was one of the main reasons for wanting it. It grows with the baby and is suitable from 9 months to about 5 years. Another great feature I love is the little sun shade up top. Italy gets really hot during the summer, so I knew it would be a plus to have it. Some other great features that we've enjoyed since having it is the cup holder up front for the littles and the storage compartment in the back.

Let's start with the adjustable, grow-with-me features. The have marketed the styles of riding as an infant trike, steering trike, learning to ride trike, and a classic trike. Right now we are in the steering trike stage, which is where the side arms come off from around the child. We just moved to this stage since E outgrew the infant trike stage (pictured). The learning to ride stage is where everything is removed except the steering handle so parents can still assist the little one that is learning to use it. The classic trike stage is when everything, including the steering. Of course we haven't made it to the last two stages, but we do intend to. More on that a bit later. 

Some important points are:

The seat does include a safety 3 point harness.

The steering handle is adjustable.

The weight limit is 49 pounds. 

We have really enjoyed this trike. E has loved it from the time she saw it. She was so obsessed with it that morning that we drove her around in it inside before we could take it out. We have taken it on walks in the neighbor for quick grocery runs or even just for leisure. We have really enjoyed it, and we plan to have it for a while. It is made great. It is sturdy, and most importantly, it is safe. 

Price point is between $78-$129.

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