Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nido Asilo - Cordignano, Italy

I thought I would do an update on A's school adventures. She started back this year in the middle of September. She goes Mon-Fri from 0900-1600. This is her first year going full time since last year she only did half a days. We decided to let her go full day this year's because she always begged to stay last year when I would go pick her up. She lays knew her friends she Tay I'm pleased and took a nap, so she wanted to do the same.

There schedule is really simple. Drop off is by 0900. They have a light snack to get the day started. They do music first thing in the mornings. They split to go to their own classrooms to do really daily activities. Right now, they are reading and learning parts of The Little Red Riding Hood. Of course, it's all in Italian. They do activities that work in with the story. They have lunch at 1130 and recess at 1230. They come back inside at 1300, which is when they do there nap time for the younger kids. The older kids do more structural learning. A does take a nap. They get an hour nap until around 1430. They gather for a snack time and then have free play until the end of the day.

Most days A is playing by herself. She is more tom boyish and prefers to do what the boys do, but most of the time they won't anything to do with her. She has accepted it and just does her own thing. I normally find she plays with Legos, play doh, and puzzles. She does have one really good friend, which is a girl. The teachers say they do everything together, including eat lunch.

They do also go on field trips. They don't always let the parents know in advance, but they do send pictures always danced work home that they did. That's how I generally learn of their trips. Recently, they went to a corn field and had roasted corn. Another day, they went to a forest area because some of the kids showed some anxiety because of the book they were reading (The little Red Riding Hood). They brought them out to the wooded area and showed them the the story was pretend to help ease some of their nervousness towards it.

They also do and a lot of art work. They collected things from nature for some art pueces. They had corn kernels, leaves, acorns, pine cones, twigs, etc. They made a mosaic using them. That was really fun to see when she brought it home. They paint a lot. We have to bring in family pictures for projects as well. A really seems to love it. She lives her teachers, too. She speaks so well jow. she sings yoo. She even tells us the stories she learns at school.

She also goes to the library on Tuesdays and gets to bring home a book. She does gymnastic on Wednesdays, and she has her music class on Thursdays. She is really doing well this year, and I can't wait to meet with her teacher at mid term to discuss how she is doing.

It's so hard to believe that next year E will join her at school. Time flies.

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