Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week 6

I lost count of the days throuh our journey with Mr. Man gone. Everything just seemed to be happening so fast. But I believe this is a good thing. It forces me to live dat by day and look to the present and future and instead of what happened the day before or even weeks before.

A is in swim classes on Mondays, Wednesday's, and Friday's. She is loving it. She has been going for 5 weeks now and by week 3 she was starting in the larger pool where she can't reach. She loves to swim. She talks about going under and cutting flips. She tells me about plying with toys and all sorts of things. I don't lays get to watch her because they don't like the parents to be In there with them because it breaks their focus, but when she hasn't wanted to leave me they have allowed me in. I must say I am very impressed with theit instruction and the kids' abilities by a young age.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we are doing ballet in the morning. For the most part she enjoys it, but she has her days where she isn't interested. She did ask to do ballet so it is somethin she showed desire for. She interested the new kid and most of the kids have been doing for the year prior, so she has a hard time relating to them when it comes to the instruction. She will only be doing interested so strutting this she umber since she is in the Italian preschool.

Little E is just a follower these days. She is still too young to do any activities, but she does attempt. Many times I have to drag her away from the pool or the ballet room. She does get upset with me. But overall, I try to take her places as well - even if it is just to the park.

We have at least 1 month left until Mr. Man gets back. Part of me wants it to go fast but another part of me doesn't because that means school will start immediately following. Sigh.

My girls are growing up too fast.

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  1. I feel the same way with Bear. I Blinked and he turned one. For me being busy always made it easier for me when hubby was away. I'm glad your girls and you are having fun though.


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