Monday, May 27, 2013

Rainy Days = Fun Activities

The other day I had to take A to an early morning appointment for myself and Baby E. While we were there, it began raining really bad. We were suppose to spend the day at the park, but because of the weather that wasn't going to happen. While we were waiting patiently for our appointment, I asked A what she would like to spend the day doing since we couldn't be outside. She looked down at her toes, then looked back up at me and said, "Paint Toes!!!" She said it very excitedly, and I desperately needed to paint mine as well. Perfect timing. So home we went. We laid Baby E down for her nap, then we picked out our nail polish colors and grabbed the rest of the gear to paint our toes. While we were picking out our colors, A insisted we pick out a color for E. I explained to her that Baby E is still a bit small, but if we got both of our's painting then we would reconsider painting E's when she woke up.

We laid our towel on the living room floor and gathered our tools. Of course, A wanted her's painted first so that is what we did. Then on to Mommy's.... I took a few pictures!

A went for the pink, and I went for the purple! I will be doing a review on the Piggy Paint and the Avon Finishing Spray! Absolutely purchased with my own money.

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