Monday, November 26, 2012

Internet and Settled

We have finally settled into our house. We have been settled for about a month; however, we have been without internet. The Italians definitely take their sweet time with doing things that need to be done. I have felt so lost the last month without internet. No way to find addresses to go sightseeing or to find places to shop for things we would like for the house and so on. It's been very weird.

However, I must say that it has also been relaxing. I have not had to worry about drama or the randomness that life sometimes tosses out at you. We have been able to enjoy being a family and doing outdoor things. Mr. Man would come home every day and play with the baby while I cook, then we would watch a movie together.

Speaking of... A is really into Mickey Mouse (which she calls "Mouse"), Elmo, and Shrek (which she says "Ek"). She can spot any of these from a mile away in a store or wherever we are. She was introduced to Mickey Mouse and Shrek through some books she has, so then I introduced her to the shows since my Mom had gotten her some for Christmas last year. Then Mr. Man introduced her to Shrek. She has watched a lot of Disney and kid movies over the last month. She's not big into the TV though, but when she wants to cuddle that is what she goes for.

I have a list of things that I want to write about here to keep as a keepsake. From our travels to things that A has been doing to how we spent our Thanksgiving and more. The list is really long, and I am not sure I will ever catch up without having to post multiple times a day, so I apologize in advance. Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon of the growing pouch and the A.

Pregnancy is also going really well. I had my 28 week appointment and we discussed the 22 week scan. They found a spot on the heart, so they ask that I do another scan to see if it is still there. I guess it is a common thing, but normally fades away by 28 weeks. I have that appointment in a week. Then my 32 week appointment and so on. Sugar test went well. I had fruit punch flavored drink this time, and it was awful. With A, I had the orange and I actually enjoyed it. Weird. Other than that things are good, and we are finally getting settled and starting to feel normal again. This has definitely been one of the longest, most exhausting PCS's of life. Of course, I have only moved 3 times..... with many more to go - I'm sure.

So here's to updating. Hope it isn't too much for any of you! And I can't wait to start catching up with everyone else!! :)

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