Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PCS: Local Markets (Aviano)

The open air markets are held one day a week starting at around 0630 in the morning until about noon. They are usually located in the town square. Be aware that some markets are closed during national holidays.
Monday: Maniago, Azzano Decino, Vittorio Veneto and Lignano
Tuesday: Aviano, Casarsa, Udine, Codriopo and San Quirino
Wednesday: Pordenone, Budoia, San Daniele, Cordignano, Oderzo and Latisana
Thursday: Roveredo, Fontanafredda, Fiume Veneto, Sacile, and Portogruaro
Friday: Cordenons, Porcia, San Vito al Tagliamento, Montereale and Conegliano, Caneva
Saturday: Pordenone, Spilimbergo, Caorle and Treviso
Sunday: Meduno
Everyday: Trieste

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  1. Is this is english?!?! Haha! Have fun at your markets! get some good eats!


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