Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Month? Really?

It has been a WHOLE month since my last post, over a month. Really? Where has time gone, what has been going on? How did this happen?!

So life has obviously been busy and hectic. We have been being parents, doing school work, working, taking small breaks, celebrating Baby A's first birthday, and spending time with family. Over the last few weeks A LOT has happened, many new things.

Being a parent, as many of you know, is a busy job in itself. As a military wife, it is even busier. I have had to have appointments for myself and Baby A to get ready for PCSing, plus one year appointments, dental appointments, and all the other fun things that must happen in order to PCS. Baby A is so active and such a busy body that she just wantst o be outside, in rain or shine, and constantly on the go. I try to give her just that because I love that she doesn't watch TV or play on games all day. She loves to play in the water, at the park, and chase the birds. It adds for way more excitement and fun! We do spend a lot of our time outside playing until recently. It's been raining every day and all day for the past week.

Baby A is 12 months. Can you believe how fast time has gone? I mean seriously, it was like just yesterday we were sending Mr. Man off to Korea. It just doesn't seem like a full year has passed us by. But reality strikes... and it has. We had family come into town last week, and they left this morning. During their stay, we threw Baby A a small, but very fun, birthday party. Seriously, this little lady is spoiled. The family brought a whole extra suitcase of stuff just for her. From toys to clothes. Our house is overloaded, but I couldn't be any happier. I will post pictures of the party and do a whole separate post on the event.

Mr. Man and I are both in school. He decided to try and knock out his last two classes before we PCS this summer. I thought it would be a great idea.... but I really wasn't thinking. I am doubled up on classes, and want to stay that way so I can get my Master's while in Italy. But doing that, being a Mom, and trying to be crafty really puts a lot on my plate. But it is worth it and we are making it work.

I will do a 12 month update on Baby A, too. She has learned so much in the last week with new people around, and she is simply amazing. So smart! She says so many words now, and plays so many games. She loves to dance, loves hair bows and sunglasses, and loves to play with tutus. But her favorite toys are boats, race cars, and dump trucks. She is one well rounded little lady! :)

So here's an update. We are alive. All is well. Just busy. Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying this time of year!

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